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Тематичні торти до будь-якого свята, чи то Новий рік чи Хеловін, чудово прикрасять ваш стіл та здивують ваших гостей! Веселі та урочисті свята супроводжують нас все життя, і це її дуже різноманітить. А хіба можна уявити собі святкове застілля без торта? Ці кулінарні шедеври, які ви зможете вибрати на сайті арт-студії «Презент», підсолодять веселощі і неодмінно піднімуть настрій.
Professional bakers Studio can make a cake for any occasion, for any cohort and number of guests. On the men\'s holidays (February 23, army Day, Navy Day, etc.) serves cakes-tanks, cakes, submarines, cakes with any military symbols. For the woman on March 8 you can order a cake in the form of her beloved machine,in the form of a bouquet or basket of flowers, in the form of women\'s accessories.
Lovers on Valentine\'s Day, give each other romantic cakes-heart cakes with doves or touching a pair of swans. Unique cake will be the text of the Declaration of love or a wish for his lady.And on New year professionals \"Gift\" can make a sweet dessert entire fairy tales: the Palace of Jack frost, Santa Claus and snow maiden under the Christmas tree in short, there is no such holiday that it would be impossible to decorate the cake from the art Studio \"Present\". 14. Gallery of our cake Gallery cake art Studio \"Gift\" allows all visitors to the site to ensure professionalism and artistic taste of our confectioners. When reviewing the photos of cakes, you can choose the best of them or make yourself a note for the future, because in front of you presents cakes for all occasions and feasts of the year. Imagination of our experts inexhaustible. But,if you do not find in our gallery cake that will win your imagination, offer your sketch. All the client\'s wishes will be taken into account, and the cake of your dreams will decorate any holiday.
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