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Cakes in the form of hats - the original sweet gift.
It is impossible to imagine that in the store you can buy a cake that will be called during its delivery to the surprise and delight the hero of the occasion. Very different cakes for women offers art Studio \"Present\". The ability to produce a cake to order made this dessert is one of the most original gifts that you can think of.Very happy with these gifts women: girlfriends, wives, daughters, mothers ... All of these culinary works of art make you believe in miracles, they are breathtaking and improves mood. You can use our cakes ideas for women (you can change the color scheme, the stuffing,the inscription on the cake) or to suggest a vision of dessert.
In any case, it will be a real masterpiece made by professionals of the art Studio from natural ingredients. A special type of confectionery products for women make up cakes-hats. These Flirty accessories loves any woman who wear them on the beaches and official events,in cities and towns, in youth and in old age. This cake will be nice to get any woman, regardless of her status and age group. All who are going to order cakes-hats in art Studio \"Present\", will be able to choose these \"hats with a brim and without them, decorated with colorful ribbon or a magic flower,with any congratulatory inscription or without it. The basis for this cake is most often made of sponge cake and cream - creamy, but you can order any basis and cream from our list. If on our site you can not find a suitable \"hat\", your every fantasy will be realized by our craftsmen.
Корпоративні торти (торт на корпоратив)
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