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Cakes on professional topics
In many firms and companies have a tradition together to celebrate the anniversary and important dates to complete a small banquets formal event. For such corporate events and order a cake on professional topics in art Studio \"Present\". Of course, you can buy a cake at the store, but he will not be able to reflect the spirit of the company,its professional activities and to strengthen the sense of community. And the bakers art Studio made cakes on the topic of the profession that depict the logo of the company, its business card, or brand name that sells a product or a working tool of the employees of the firm.

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Often cakes on professional topics presented as a gift retires to a colleague or on the anniversary of the company\'s head. When employees meet in an informal setting, you can order a cake, which depicts the professional activities of the company with a certain irony. But,once again to recall the pleasant moments of the joint activities of the company at a ski resort or collective camping trip, you can order themed cakes. They can be decorated marzipan figurines skiers on snow-covered road of beaten egg whites or waffle tent on the shores of the glacial lake.Such a cake to order, usually large, so that everyone could enjoy its taste. To meet the wishes of the entire team, you can order different toppings and impregnation for cake, make it different tiers of the test. All your wishes will be taken into account,and you will receive a themed cake from the \"Present\" exclusive appearance and superior quality.
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