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Small brightly decorated cakes will give your hospitable Board special festivity! And muffins with guests \' names will be a great addition to birthday cake!

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Small cakes are not inferior to large cakes are beautiful and taste. And sometimes they look even more spectacular when you order several of their varieties and placed on a tiered stand. Or, for example, portioned cake may consist of cakes, decorated as a standalone product.In Europe is now very popular these mini cakes.
Art Studio \"Gift\" offers to keep up with the Europeans and enjoy her wonderful cakes, which have a different shape, filling and impregnation. Cakes made of different dough and fruit jelly, decorated with whipped cream or mousse.
In addition to cakes, confectioners art Studio made muffins (serving cupcakes) that can be sweet and not sweet. For sweet muffins use cream or berry toppings, nuts, and sweet - cheese, ham, smoked fish, etc., Try the muffins from the \"Present\", and you can not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy them again and again.
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     096 882 59 14
     097 65 893 97
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