Traditional wedding cakes

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Classic wedding cakes decorated with flowers, bows and ornaments.
A cake for the holidays is not just a dessert, it has become a tradition of all feasts. You cannot name a country which would not have its traditional recipes of cakes. The cakes were made in ancient times, like they are sweets were even found in Egyptian tombs. First cakes were round,symbolizing the sun and fertility.
And today you can buy a whole cake in any candy store. But, perhaps you are attracted to traditional French cakes,which are a soft cake with a cloud of whipped cream? Maybe you want to taste delicious traditional Eastern cakes puff pastry with nuts or sesame seeds in honey? Or are you satisfied with English tea and would like to have a traditional English cake decorated with frosting, candied fruit and nuts? In this case,you just need to buy a cake for your art Studio in the \"Present\", professional bakers familiar with the technology of making traditional cakes of different countries. You can find cake with any basis, impregnation, cream and filling, traditionally round or irregular shape.Enjoy a great cake for any celebration in the office, art Studio, on its website or by phone.
The price of the cakes listed on the site, but it can vary depending on your changes and wishes. You can pay in several ways: cash,transfer money to an electronic card (details are on our website) or via Western Union money transfer, PrivatMoney, etc.
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