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Cakes in the form ones, with booties, pyramids and other cute baby things.
The birthday child is always a big event not only for kids but also for their parents. And the first birthday of the baby, without a doubt, a significant event in the family. This holiday can be celebrated in a small circle or on a large scale, but the same attribute of celebration is the cake for a year.And quite a few parents prefer to buy a cake in a regular candy store. Usually, for the most significant celebration of the first year of a child\'s life trying to order a cake that meets parents and in appearance and in taste.
Confectioners art Studio \"Present\" with great enthusiasm and responsibility to make a variety of baby cakes. Of course, the cakes for 1 year birthdays, as a rule, does not try, he commend guests invited to the feast. But appreciate bright, colourful product and can the heroes of the day, stopping at his inquisitive look.Cakes a year for babies with a wonderful background in the photographs, which add to the family collection. Solemn procedure of cutting a special cake is filmed. On the website the art Studio you can find a variety of cakes a year for boys: in the form of cars or funny little animals,little booties or baby bottle with a nipple.
Cakes a year for girls decorated with bows and dolls, figurines babies and kittens. You can order a cake, the image of which you will find in the gallery \"Gift\", or to offer the masters of their vision of the cake for a year (often these cakes book in the form of ones). But, what dessert would you choose,a cake to order from our art Studio will long be remembered to you and your design and taste.
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