Cakes with cartoon characters

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Shrek,Spong Bob, Mickey mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Masha and the bear and many other favorite characters make happy your children and their little guests!
In conventional candy store almost impossible to buy a cake that has a purpose: for birthday or on March 8, for s or for men, for adults or for children. Here they all \"look alike\".
But the confectioners art Studio \"Present\" sure baby cakes should look in a special way,because their main purpose is to bring joy to a child. And, if we remember how our kids like cartoons, it immediately becomes clear that the most desirable for them will be cakes with cartoon characters. But, before you order a cake, please check out the gallery of the art Studio to choose the one that will be met by your child with enthusiasm and remembered him for life.
And there are plenty to choose. All of our professional pastry chefs in the soul are the artists and with great inspiration decorate cakes with cartoon characters figures for boys the Simpsons, Pokemon, Ninja Turtles, Superman, Shrek, Teletubbies or Scooby Doo.Which boy will not be happy with the cake in the form of cheerful and bright cars from the movie \"Cars\"? Cakes with cartoon characters for girls can be a whole scenes from cartoons about the little Mermaid, Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, lion Smbu etc.
All the figures of cartoon characters can be made out of paste, marzipan or chocolate cakes have single-stage and multistage, from different types of pastry and cream. But no matter what cake to order you choose in the art Studio \"Gift\", for it will be used only natural ingredients of the highest quality.
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